Under the looping hood

Looping on VoiceLive Touch 2 is instant action, quick access and do-it-now oriented while offering extensive creative control of independent loop tracks. The addition of loop-specific FX, makes the looper in VoiceLive Touch 2 the most versatile and exciting power tool in the VoiceLive series.


  • Stereo looping of all inputs plus effects on up to 6 tracks
  • LoopAssist™ offers metronome and quantize for perfect loops every time
  • Loop specific FX for real-time manipulation
  • Loops can follow the tempo set by your DAW with MIDI Sync

Included Looping FX

  • Reverse
  • Filter
  • Slow Speed
  • Squeeze Select
  • Squeeze Auto

Loops in perfect sync

Touch 2 offers extensive control via MIDI input and CC’s, but the real kicker is the ability to slave your loops to the BPM of your favorite DAW and thus combine the power of live expression with preprogrammed creativity. Case in point: Gavin Castleton’s inspired integration of Touch 2 with MIDI keytar and Ableton Live.


Six track powerhouse

Having up to six independent tracks for looping allows you to fire on all vocal cylinders and play your voice like an instrument, muting and unmuting tracks on the fly for cool intensity shifts – or triggering each sample as Shots, creating drum & bass like effects, vocal mash-ups, or playing your vocals back like synthesizer samples.

Watch looping work

Learn how Georgia Murray tweaks sounds and loop layers to design her amazing vocal-only cover of Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans”.

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