• Professional Vocal Effects App from TC-Helicon for iOS
  • 5 Radio buttons to store and instantly recall your favourite presets
  • Connects to GarageBand and any Inter-App Audio or AudioBus capable app
  • NEW Audio-Unit functionality allows you to use as a plug-in inside your favourite DAWs
  • NEW ability to edit key parameters to shape your perfect vocal sound

Transform your voice

Voice Rack: FX is perfect for showing you how you can transform your voice. You easily glide through 50 stunning TC-Helicon vocal presets. But the journey doesn’t stop there - you can actually take this app right onto the stage. All you need is a pair of headphones and your voice. Plug it directly into the PA system to add a new level of brilliance to your performance.


Professional vocal effects

TC-Helicon is the industry leader in vocal processing and the Voice Rack: FX presets give you a wide range of the leading effects used today: Reverb, Echo, Delay, Distortion, Pitch Shifting or HardTune/autotuning and more - the very same effects used by some of your favorite musicians. These have all been expertly authored for the singing voice including using the voice for bass lines and drum sounds.

Connect with other apps

Connect Voice Rack: FX with some of your favorite music apps including GarageBand. Voice Rack: FX gives you the ability to use studio quality vocal effects in combination with any Inter-App Audio or Audiobus capable app, or with Apple's new Audio Unit feature for iOS you can use it as a plugin in your favourite AU enable iOS DAW. Use with iOS 8.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


For rehearsal or the gig

  1. Control time based effects such as delays with Tap Tempo.
  2. One button "Talk" feature lets you bypass your effects at any time.
  3. Mute function quickly kills any incoming signal.
  4. External Control: change presets hands free with your favourite MIDI controller
  5. Tweak key FX parameters to dial in your perfect vocal sound
  6. Warp pitch and gender in real-time.
  7. 50 Vocal presets built using TC-Helicon voice processing algorithms.
  8. 5 radio buttons for storing your favourite sounds.

Compatibility & operation

  • iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6
  • iPad 2 or newer, including iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2
  • Minimum iOS version: 7.1
  • Headphones are highly recommended if you are not using a separate external microphone

What They Say...

“This is obviously pretty boss for live performances. If you're interested in getting some high-quality effects (which are intended for vocals, but don't overlook these for some neat sounds on guitars, synths, etc.), then this app at this price is a pretty easy decision.”

-iOS Mars

“There are some brilliant processing options here and the quality of that processing is top notch...whether you want a conventional option like reverb or doubling, a gentle corrective option with some pitch adjustment, or something a little more creative and noticeable, then Voice rack: FX can deliver.”

-Music App Blog

“The quality here is awesome - I'm very, very impressed with how good some of these effects are. Great bang for the buck, if all you want are the effects from their other app, this is it!”

-Customer, USA