• The perfect vocal toolbox in one easy-to-use pedal
  • Renowned TC-Helicon Reverbs, Delays and Pitch Correction
  • Adaptive Tone™ makes you sound crisp, clean and full

Make Your Mic Sound Great

Dead room? Flat mic? No sound guy? Call in Mic Mechanic: a complete vocal toolbox in a compact, easy-to-use pedal. As your personal sound engineer, Mic Mechanic provides time-tested tone and effects you can take anywhere – and always sound your best.

Professional Reverb, Simply Controlled

Reverb is the essential vocal effect, loved by all singers and used in practically every venue and recording studio in the world. Mic Mechanic’s lush reverbs are from our flagship VoiceLive® series. They’ll surround your voice with a great sense of space. Craig shows this off (along with everything else) in this "Quick Start" video...

Delay. Delay. And Tap.

From short slapback echoes to long repeating phrases, Delay adds that special “something” to your vocal sound. Use the Tap Tempo feature for timing the delays to match your music perfectly.

Perfectly Pitched

Auto Chromatic Pitch Correction gently guides you towards the “true” note you’re singing. When you’re just a bit flat or sharp, Mic Mechanic steps in and gives you a little – or a large – nudge in the right direction. Set it to sound transparent or to use as an effect - whichever you like.

Sound Your Best with Adaptive Tone™

Mic Mechanic automatically adjusts EQ, Compression, De-Essing and Gating – providing you with great tone all the time. Think of it like having your own sound engineer in a box giving you a great vocal sound regardless of your sound system or sound tech.


Your Sound Guy

1. Easy Control of Reverb, Echo, Pitch Correction - with Dry-Wet Control for the Perfect Mix.

2. Tap Effects On-Off & Time Your Delays.

3. Adaptive Tone for Perfect EQ, Compression, De-Essing and Gating.

4. The Connections You Need Plus Updates & New Presets from VoiceSupport.

Even More Features

Mic Mechanic is rugged, compact and easy to use. It works with TC-Helicon's Mic Control and offers new presets and updates through VoiceSupport.

What They Say...

“Some singers don't want to change their voice; they just want it to sound great! This pedal takes this approach. If you sing live in a band and do not have any vocal effects pedals, go and buy this one today!”

–Absolute Music

"It can make you sound better than you already do! I really like the unit; it’s inexpensive for all the features you get. I’m going to be using this!”

–Lisa Popeil, Renowned Vocal Coach

"For the singer who wants to control his/her effects and not get caught up in presets, it’s well worth it. PROS: Simple, easy to use, good effects selection. CONS: None."

–Performer Magazine

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