• All-in-one, compact pedal featuring Vocal Harmony, Tone and Reverb
  • Two voice Harmony controlled by your guitar
  • Adaptive Tone™ for a fully produced vocal sound

Your voice just got bigger

Increase your sound with a couple of backup singers, an expert engineer and a ton of gear – all with one simple stomp box. Whether you’re electric, electro-acoustic, pro or practicing, Harmony Singer means that your vocal presentation will rock just as hard as your guitar.

Watch it Work

Danish guitarist, producer, songwriter and long-time collaborator with TC, Søren Andersen, uses Harmony Singer with his original material for some ear-catching vocal harmony effects...


Harmony follows automatically

You won’t have to brush up on your vocal arranging skills - Harmony Singer does this for you. It instantly analyzes your guitar chords so that when you hit the footswitch, your harmony backup group is in tune and on time. When it’s this easy, you’ll find yourself using harmony in songs you wouldn’t have otherwise tried.

Killer reverb

Our sister company TC Electronic is renowned in the pro-audio community for the quality of its reverb algorithms and styles. Harmony Singer comes from this lineage, delivering reverb effects in three incarnations: room, club and hall – and you can mix each to the exact feel you want.

Produced, smooth sound every time

Under the hood of Harmony Singer is a collection of high-end audio processes tweaked to perfection. Smooth dynamics? Check. Silky brightness? Check. Reduced “sss” sounds? Check. No more muddy lows? Check. These automatically adapt to the tone and dynamic range of your singing so that even with an average PA, you’ll always sound your best.


Calling all electric and acoustic guitarists:

1. Two Harmony Voices with 8 Voicing Combinations.

2. Dedicated Harmony Level Control and Harmony On/Off Footswitch to Punch in Your Harmony Precisely.

3. Three Killer Reverbs: Room, Club or Hall; Set The Perfect Mix for Each.

4. Adaptive ToneTM for perfect EQ, Compression, De-essing & Gating.

Even More Features

We can’t wait to show you more about the harmony settings, performance options and the sounds you can create.

What They Say...

"It’s a fantastic pedal...an all-in-one answer to harmonies and reverb effects for the solo guitar player. I’ll be putting it my bag and taking it to the next gig."

- Guitar Interactive Magazine

"A nice, simple way to get harmonies that are musically usable, without having to audition new band members. PROS: Plenty of useful, musical harmonies. CONS: None."

-Performer Magazine

"This is the most user-friendly harmony machine I have ever owned! You can get a real, polished studio sound in a live setting."

-Customer USA

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